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Human Genetics Scholars Initiative (HGSI)

The application opened April 28, 2021, 11:59 pm U.S. Eastern Time.

The application deadline is June 18, 2021, 11:59 pm U.S. Eastern Time.

An ASHG Portal login is required to access the site. This is the same login if you have recently joined/renewed as an ASHG member. If you do not have an ASHG Portal login, create an ASHG Portal account. If you forgot your password, reset your ASHG Portal password. Please note: your username is the email address associated with your membership. Upon login, you will be asked to give the submission system permission to access your ASHG account information.

ASHG, in collaboration with the National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI), Biogen, GSK and Roche, is pleased to provide the Human Genetics Scholars Initiative, a program launched in April 2019 to help advance diversity and inclusion in the field.

Eligible applicants must:

  • Be a late-stage graduate student, postdoctoral fellow or early-career researcher.
  • Be from an underrepresented group as defined by the National Institutes of Health guidelines.
  • Submit an abstract to the ASHG 2021 Annual Meeting by the June 10, 2021 deadline.
  • Complete the application form by June 18, 2021.
  • Be a United States citizen or permanent resident with legal status.

Application Requirements:

  • CV/Resume
  • Personal statement
  • Two recommendation letters from a senior colleague, advisor or mentor 
  • Submit an abstract to the ASHG 2021 Annual Meeting by the June 10, 2021 deadline.

Program Requirements:

  • Attend two in-person ASHG Annual Meetings.
  • Participate in monthly webinars or small group chat sessions to help build community and explore professional development topics.
  • Engage in mentor relationship with assigned mentor and develop network of additional mentors.
  • Attend other scientific events or professional development programs to advance career using enrichment funds.
  • Plan and lead public education/engagement activity in your community with resources from the NHGRI engagement program during the second year of the program.

Have questions about the program and the application process? Register for the May 11 Interest Session with current scholars, Paola Giusti-Rodriguez, PhD and Trenell Mosley.

Please contact Kanika Pulliam, PhD, Director, Career Programs and Workforce Diversity, at kpulliam@ashg.org with any questions.