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Call for Applications and Nominations to Serve on the 2024 ASHG Board of Directors

For terms beginning January 1, 2024

The application/nomination form for 2024-2026 Board of Directors service closed March 21, 2023. An election of candidates by ASHG membership will take place in July 2023. 

Application and Nomination Review Process

After the submission deadline, the Nominating Committee will review all nominations and will determine the final ballot in accordance with the ASHG Bylaws. The Nominating Committee, with support from the Executive Committee, creates a slate of potential Board members that reflects the Society’s value of diversity in its leadership, as defined by scientific background, professional level, ancestry, gender and other demographic information. The Committee also considers other variables of representation, including commitment, involvement with ASHG, and relevant expertise in the human genetics and genomics community. 

Elections for the 2024 Board of Directors
The election will open in July 2023 and close August 2023

Once a slate is composed, an election takes place. Per the ASHG Bylaws, at least two (2) candidates are required to be put forth for each director position and one (1) candidate is required to be presented for the president-elect position. ASHG is working with vendor partner ElectionBuddy to administer this year's election.

ASHG is committed to ensuring that the composition of its leadership reflects the diversity of our membership, and believes that a diverse leadership structure provides the variety of perspectives and ideas needed to develop high-quality programs. 

ASHG strongly encourages applications (self-nominations) in addition to the nomination of colleagues. Applications and nominations will be reviewed by the Nominating Committee and Executive Committee, with a slate of candidates presented to ASHG members for election in July 2023. 

Positions open in 2024:

  • President (1 vacancy): The President will serve a one-year term as President-Elect (2024), a one-year term as President (2025), and a one-year term as Past President (2026). 
  • Directors (2 vacancies): Directors will serve a three-year term from January 2024 through December 2026.
  • Early-Career Director (1 vacancies): Directors will serve a three-year term from January 2024 through December 2026. ASHG's bylaws define this as "non-tenured faculty with fewer than five years’ experience in a tenure-track position or equivalent experience in a non-academic position." 
  • Trainee Director (1 vacancies): Directors will serve a three-year term from January 2024 through December 2026. ASHG's bylaws define trainee as "postdoctoral fellows, residents, and bona fide students participating in degree-granting programs."

Click here for detailed roles and responsibilities of Board members, and click here to view the current composition of the Board.


  • Current ASHG membership (both applicants and nominators must be current members)
  • Knowledge of ASHG’s mission, purpose, goals, policies, programs, services, strengths, and needs
  • Follow science, research and genetics and genomics trends
  • Ability to meet tight deadlines
  • Good oral and written communication skills
  • We also strive to include basic, translational, and clinical researchers and encourage nominations especially this year for basic and translational research.
  • We also seek candidates who contribute to a strategic and strong Board culture.
    • Candidates who have previous experience with the Society’s programs; have served in the Society’s volunteer leadership (for example, on committees); and/or have other leadership experience on Boards or mid-to-senior level management responsibilities
    • Candidates who bring a strategic eye to the needs of the Society as we emerge from the pandemic and strive to meet the evolving needs of genetics and genomics research
    • Candidates with earned community respect and who work well as a member of a collaborative group with group decision-making authority
    • Candidates who advance the Board’s commitment to diversity of all kinds.

What’s on the application/nomination form?

  • You may begin the application form, save and exit, and complete the form any time before the March deadline.
  • You will be asked:
    • basic candidate information: institution, professional area of expertise
    • a cover letter describing why you or the candidate are interested in serving, including qualifications (max. 500 words)
    • to answer the following question: What, in your view, are the most critical issues facing ASHG and the human genetics community? (max. 250 words)
    • to provide a copy of a curriculum vitae (CV) or NIH biosketch
  • Trainee director applicants are asked to provide a reference that ASHG will contact on their behalf to complete a brief recommendation form
  • Confirmation that, to your knowledge, the nominee has behaved consistently with the standards articulated in the professional conduct standards of the current ASHG Code of Ethics

You must log in to your ASHG Portal account to access the submission form. This is the same login if you have recently joined/renewed as an ASHG member. If you forgot your password, reset your ASHG Portal password. Upon login, you will be asked to give the nomination system permission to access your ASHG account information. If you have questions regarding membership or issues logging in, please email membership@ashg.org


For questions about the ASHG application and nominations process, contact Amanda Fulk, Senior Manager of Executive Operations & Special Projects, at afulk@ashg.org