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Welcome to the 2019 DNA Day Essay Contest Round 1 judging page and thank you for volunteering to judge! In order to improve our service to you, ASHG has updated the judging platform. You will need your membership login to access your essays. Please read through the essay and select either "Accept" or "Decline".

  • Accept means you judge this essay as fit to move on to Round 2, in which judges will read through the essays more thoroughly and score with a provided rubric.
  • Decline means you judge this essay as not fit to move on to Round 2. 

Essay Question:

Jonathan, age 50, has just been diagnosed with Huntington’s disease (HD). His genetic counselor, Karen, seeks Jonathan’s consent to disclose this diagnosis to his daughter, Sarah, who is 25. Jonathan refuses to allow Karen or anyone else on the medical staff to reveal this diagnosis to Sarah. (1) Present arguments for and against Jonathan's position by discussing the relevant goals, rights, and duties of each of the parties in this case. (2) Then choose one argument to defend, using your knowledge of the scientific and medical aspects of HD. This reading includes explanations of these three categories involved in making a difficult decision. Be certain to use your knowledge of the scientific and medical aspects of HD to support your views.

Things to Consider When Judging:

  • Did the student present arguments for and against Jonathan's position by discussing relevant goals, rights and duties?
  • Did the student then choose one argument to defend?
  • Did the student include information about HD to support his/her views?

Round 1 judging begins on Wednesday, March 13 and ends on Wednesday, March 20. You will receive reminders through the week to begin or complete your essays. 

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If you have any questions, please contact Evelyn Mantegani at dnaday@ashg.org