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Trainee Leadership Opportunities 

We are no longer accepting applications for 2020 positions. The deadline for applications was Wednesday, March 13, 2019, 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time.  

The American Society of Human Genetics invites trainee members (defined as undergraduate students and individuals completing various levels of post-baccalaureate training in human genetics or allied fields) to contribute to the Society's leadership by serving on ASHG committees or the ASHG Board of Directors. Trainees in these positions are expected to be full, engaged committee/Board members and to fully embrace the responsibilities of their position. Please see the descriptions of responsibilities below, and consider reaching out to current trainee leaders to find out more.

An ASHG Portal login is required to access the Trainee Leadership Opportunities site. This is the same login if you have recently joined/renewed as an ASHG member. If you do not have a ASHG Portal login, create an ASHG Portal account. If you forgot your password, reset your ASHG Portal password. Please note: your username is the email address associated with your membership. Upon login, you will be asked to give the submission system permission to access your ASHG account information.

Meet Your 2019 Trainee Leaders and Working Group Members

We are looking to fill the following vacancies:

Information and Education Committee (1 position):  The Information and Education Committee is responsible for recommending and, upon Board approval, carrying out activities concerned with education in human genetics for audiences ranging from high school and undergraduate students, as well as raising awareness among the general public. 

Program Committee (1 position): The Program Committee is responsible for organizing the scientific program of the annual meeting, which is the keystone activity of ASHG.

Social Issues Committee (1 position): The Social Issues Committee is responsible for recommending and, upon Board approval, carrying out activities concerned with the impact of genetic knowledge and practice on society at large.

Training and Development Committee (2 positions): The Training and Developing Committee is responsible for recommending and carrying out the activities concerned with the career/professional development and other needs of ASHG’s trainee members. 


  • You must be an ASHG trainee member at the time you apply. Join or renew before you apply.
  • You must be either working toward a terminal degree (e.g., MS, MD, PhD), or have received your terminal degree within the last three years.
  • International applicants are eligible and encouraged to apply.
  • No prior committee experience required.

Application Requirements

  • a CV
  • two long-form answers for questions specific to the committee you are applying for
  • one recommendation from a senior colleague, who is an ASHG member; recommendation forms will be sent directly to your identified reference when you submit your application; references will be asked to comment on the following:
    • Please describe the applicant's leadership skills and potential, including his/her previous experience with professional and/or volunteer service.
    • How will the applicant's interests and experience further the mission of the committee he/she is applying to?

Submit an Application

Please contact Kanika Pulliam, PhD, Senior Manager, Education & Career Development Programs, at kpulliam@ashg.org with any questions.